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Hello! Welcome to my blog! Here you can see highlights of my latest work, pro-tips, and some personal stuff too!






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Vanessa and Lawrence’s Yosemite Valley engagement session is ready to be shared! These two are absolutely amazing. I am so grateful for their willingness to endure a pretty difficult session.

Rachel and Erik’s Darling Hotel engagement was so much fun! I LOVE this hotel. It is a perfect throwback to the 1930’s with its art deco design, and it is the perfect place for a little retro vibe session

Austin and Alex’s Tesoro Viejo engagement session was a lot of fun! These two have been together for a long time and it shows in their banter and the perfect ease they have with each other.

Lupe and William’s Harlan Ranch engagement was a bit of a challenge but oh so gorgeous! We experienced abnormal spring weather with high winds and lower than normal temps. Lupe was shivering through the entire session but was such a trooper and pushed through it.

I am so excited to share Mao and Jimmy’s Homer Ranch engagement session! It was SO beautiful up there. We met in April, after an exceptionally rainy season. We were blessed with the greenest hills full of wildflowers and the river was full of water. This was my first time photographing at Homer Ranch and it is for sure going to be a go-to location for me.

I met Berenice and CJ at a vendor fair held at Moravia Winery. When they stopped by my booth to chat about their wedding, I felt immediately connected to them. We had so much in common, which is exactly what I look for in the couples that I work with.

You guys, you are going to be blown away (no pun intended) by this blossom trail and rural engagement session!! It was SO windy! When I say windy, I mean the kind of windy that almost literally blows you away. You can barely walk it is so strong. Yes, THAT windy.

I cannot wait to share this Shaver Lake engagement session with you and introduce you to the sweetest couple, Keeley and Jesse!! The galler is gorgeous! They are adorable! I had so much fun with Keeley and Jesse. We laughed the entire time, which is how it should be!

Yosemite Engagement | Kimberlee & Derek You’re about to see a glorious Yosemite engagement session and it was a dream come true! It was a perfect blend of a beautiful setting and a wonderful couple who trusted me completely and were down for anything I asked of them! I could not have asked for anything […]

Dylan was a member of the Fresno State Marching Band and played in the mellophone section with my daughter. As she got to know Dylan she just knew she needed to introduce him to Mariah. That introduction would soon happen at a marching band get-together. Over time, Mariah and Dylan became friends.