Shaver Lake Engagement

Shaver Lake Engagement Session | Keeley + Jesse

I cannot wait to share this Shaver Lake engagement session with you and introduce you to the sweetest couple, Keeley and Jesse!! The galler is gorgeous! They are adorable! I had so much fun with Keeley and Jesse. We laughed the entire time, which is how it should be!

As usual, Keeley warned me that she was going to be awkward in front of the camera because they have never done professional photos before, and as usual, she was wrong! They nailed it!!

Keeley and Jesse met six years ago. He was the baseball coach where she is an ag teacher. One of her pig showmen students was also on Jesse’s baseball team and they had to “share” him. Keeley needed the student to weigh his pig but the kid insisted he wasn’t free because he needed to be at baseball practice.

Keeley tried contacting Coach Jesse via email multiple times with no response. She eventually reached out to the Athletic Director. Still no response. In Keeley’s words, “We did NOT get along”.

Soon, that same student, along with other baseball players in her science classes, started playing matchmaker. They encouraged Jesse to start wearing boots and to talk to Keeley. Their encouragement worked!

Jesse took the kids’ advice and asked Keeley out. They hung out for the first time at Me n Ed’s. It obviously went very well for them since we are now preparing for their wedding! Good job kids! Keeley and Jesse still meet up at Me n Ed’s every year on that same date!

Keeley started to spend every home game cheering Jesse and the boys on. After the games they would always end up at Bobby Salazar’s for Mexican food and a beer.

After falling madly in love with each other, they talked about getting married forever. The day Jesse planned on proposing he told Keeley they were going to Shaver Lake with his brother’s family to play in the snow, which she wasn’t looking forward to. She said she was lazy and didn’t want to get out of bed. She was hoping they weren’t going and called Jesse to see if the plans had changed. They had. His brother wasn’t going anymore, and now he wanted to take their two dogs and have lunch!

Keeley didn’t see lunch going well with the dogs, but got ready anyway. They arrived and walked around in the snow for quite a while. Jesse asked if she wanted to take pictures while they were up there, which she thought was very sweet! They tried to take a selfie with the dogs, which turned into Jesse taking pictures of Keeley with the dogs. Then, she offered to take his picture with them. That’s when he struggled to get the ring out of his pocket and pop the question!

According to Keeley, it was short and sweet. She could tell he was so nervous in that moment, but she had been oblivious the whole day leading up to it. They took a few more pictures and then headed to Auberry to surprise her mom.

Isn’t that the best love story? I love how they started off not liking each other but then fell madly in love at the encouragement of their students. Personally, I think those kids should be in the wedding party! At the very least, VIP’s at the wedding!!

The first images you see in this gallery were taken in the very spot where Jesse proposed. It was important to them that their engagement photos took place right where it all started.

Let’s get to those photos now!

Shaver Lake Engagement
Shaver Lake Engagement
Shaver Lake Engagement
Shaver Lake Engagement

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  1. Joan Hall says:

    The photos are wonderful!! The couple are a great choice for each other and OUR FAMILY!! Love them

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