This year certainly has looked different! So many weddings had to be rescheduled, or even cancelled, due to COVID. We had a lot less portrait sessions this year as well. With the shelter in place orders, we weren’t able to conduct business normally.

There were moments when I worried I would lose traction in my business. I thought I would lose touch as a photographer and I would lose my creativity. The good news is, I found a way to stay creative despite an empty calendar and the greatest blessing in all this was my clients! As soon as the shelter in place order was lifted my phone was blowing up with session requests.

This year of has been an intense season but then it still had some amazing moments in between. I feel so proud of this year and the work I created and I’m excited to share some of my TOP favorite images with you from both each sessions!!! Enjoy my favorite portraits of 2020!


Pablo and Erica’s Engagement Session – Wildwood Native Park

See their full session.



Brandon’s Senior Session – Woodward Park Trails

See his full session.

Jordan’s Senior Session – San Joaquin River Parkway

See her full session.

Natalia Senior Session – San Joaquin River Parkway

See her full session.

Veronica’s Nursing Graduation Session – San Joaquin River Parkway


Corrissa’s Senior Session – Downtown Fresno

Padei & Chee’s Engagement Session – Carmel, CA

See their full session.

Nori and Scott’s Anniversary Session – San Joaquin River Parkway

See their full session.


Abigail’s 3 Months Session – In Home

Mannat One year Session – Harlan Ranch

Anna’s Portrait Session – Harlan Ranch


Daniella and Victor’s Wedding – Dinuba, CA

See their wedding.


Castan One year Session – In Home


Isha’a Senior Session – Downtown Fresno

Cousin’s Session – Harlan Ranch

Juliana’s Two Year Session – Wildwood Native Park

Cousisn’s Session – In The Garden House, Fresno

Pokorny Family Session – Backyard

Ashley’s Birthday Session – Harlan Ranch

See her full session.


Rita and Shannon Engagement Session – Lewis Creek Trail

Meadows Family Session – Harlan Ranch

Anna and Raul – Harlan Ranch

Abi-Rached Family Session – Wildwood Native Park

Almirantearena Family Session – China Creek

Bennett Family Session – San Joaquin River Parkway

Corona Family Session – Bass Lake, CA

Nola Family Session – San Joaquin River Parkway

Harris Family Session – Downtown Clovis

Erica and Pablo’s Wedding – Wonder Valley Ranch

See their full wedding.
My favorite ring shot to date!

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