couple anniversary session

anniversary sessionsan joaquin river parkway / fresno, ca

This anniversary session was sort of accidental. I purchased the red dress in these portraits for a friend of mine who was going through a difficult divorce. I wanted to gift her a session that would reflect her beauty and empower her. For whatever reason we weren’t able to make it happen.

The dress hung in my closet for some time, until one day, while talking with one of my best friends, Nori, the dress came up in our conversation. I sent her pictures and she excitedly said she wanted to wear it for a session. Unfortunately, we would have to wait…COVID 19 happened.

In June 2020, photographers were able to book sessions again. It was perfect timing for Nori and Scott’s anniversary! They would be celebrating 17 years on July 5, 2020.

We met at one of my favorite locations, San Joaquin River Parkway. Nori and Scott had family portraits taken here in the fall so we changed things up a bit and headed to the fields just past the park.

When Nori stepped out the car my mouth dropped and I literally squealed with excitement. The dress was GORGEOUS on her and she was stunning! Scott looked handsome too, but come on…let’s get real…it was all about her that night!

Unfortunately it was a little overcast so we didn’t get the drippy golden light that I love to shoot in, but it was still beautiful. Everything was going really well, they were enjoying being close, sharing an intimate moment, and Scott was loving all the kisses he was getting, until the bumble bee.

I had positioned them near a large tree that apparently had bumblebees in it. One of the bees lit on Scott and would not go away. Nori lost her mind! There she was in this gorgeous dress, in the middle of a field, flailing her arms and screaming, trying to run from the bee in 3 inch heels! I wish I had video of it though I am quite sure Nori does not.

We managed to shoo the bee off and resume our session. The rest of the evening went off without a hitch. Just as we were wrapping things up it cleared and an amazing sunset appeared.

I hope you enjoy these gorgeous images from this anniversary session!

couple anniversary session
couple anniversary session
couple anniversary session
couple anniversary session
couple anniversary session
couple anniversary session
couple anniversary session
couple anniversary session
couple anniversary session
couple anniversary session

See more Nori and Scott’s Family session here!

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