Daniela + Victor | St. Catherine of Seina Catholic Wedding

Daniela and Victor put the sweet in high school sweethearts! They may be young but seeing them together you know their love runs deep.

They met during her freshman year and his junior year in 2016. Both were in NJROTC. They would stay after school to practice for competitions. He introduced himself to her and a close friendship formed. They officially started dating April 1, 2017.

One night while they were on a Facetime call, Victor asked Daniela if she wanted to do a photo shoot. She thought this was kind of weird because she’s the one that usually wants them and he isn’t really that into them. She decided to take advantage of the opportunity so they met with their photographer (not me ☚ī¸ ) in an open field.

While in the field, Daniela reached down to scratch her leg because the grass was poking her. When she turned around, Victor was on one knee! Yay!!

Daniela’s favorite thing about Victor is his humor. She said he always knows how to cheer her up or make things less scary for her. This is exactly what I love about my husband! She says he is very thoughtful and he treats her like a queen. I could definitely see that on their wedding day. He puts a lot of thought into their relationship.

Victor loves Daniela’s smile. He said it lights up any room she walks into. He loves her kindness and how comfortable she makes him feel when she’s around. She always knows how to make him feel better and she is great at listening to him rant when he’s had a bad day, which is often, so he’s thankful she listens and comforts him.

I’m not crying…you’re crying!

When Daniela contacted me about photographing their wedding (Lucky me!!! 😁) they had originally planned a civil ceremony with some portraits after, but the decision was made to get married before God in the church. Thanks to COVID 19, churches were closed so their plans had to be altered. The ceremony would be held outside instead.

The priest set up the alter under a sun canopy and rows of chairs were set out for their guests. Everyone had to wear a mask during the entire ceremony, including Daniela and Victor. They were not allowed to hold hands or share a first kiss. We found some ways around that though.

When Daniela walked down the aisle on her father’s arm, Victor was overcome with emotion. He was so moved by the moment, realizing he is finally getting to marry his best friend and start a new life with her.

Surrounded by their best friends and family, the traditional ceremony at St. Catherine of Siena was beautiful!! Even though it was in Spanish and I understood very little, it still moved me to tears at times. As I looked through my camera, setting up each shot, I knew they were truly soaking in each moment.

I just adore weddings like this, especially when they are young and know more about love and commitment than people twice their age.

Enjoy the scroll through their wedding. I hope you love them as much as I do!

I made sure they got to have their first kiss!!
Daniela, you are STUNNING!
This type of veil needs to be required at all weddings for this reason.

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