Girl posing in park

Urban Senior Session – Downtown Fresno | Reedley High School

While sheltering in place during COVID 19 of 2020, a DJ friend was doing Facebook Live events every week. He set up his system in his backyard and mixed music. All around people were having mini parties in their homes. It was a great stress relief and definitely made SIP more tolerable.

Since Seniors were having such a horrible end to their best year of high school, I approached Tony, the DJ, with an idea. I suggested we team up together and host a virtual prom since almost all proms were cancelled. He loved the idea and together we planned a night for seniors everywhere.

Tony began promoting the virtual prom during his weekly live shows. We asked seniors to send us their picture so we could put a slideshow together to honor them. We received 137 pictures from as far as Florida and Chicago!

As word got out, Tony began receiving calls from friends and followers asking if they could donate items for a giveaway. We were thrilled with this idea and gladly accepted. I offered three free senior sessions.

Corissa’s aunt tuned in the night of the prom and was one of the recipients for a senior session! She was so excited to be able to give this to her niece, who had not been able to have her senior portraits done before the shut down.

After talking with Corissa’s mom, we decided to meet in downtown Fresno for her session. She liked the idea of using the brick buildings and murals as a back drop.

Like all sessions, Corissa was a little nervous at first, but within 15 minutes she was a PRO! This girl was amazing and so much fun to photograph. She was down for anything I asked of her and she SLAYED the sassy poses. I need her to teach a class on mastering the sass.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through some of my favorites from this senior session!!

Girl posing in park
Girl posing in park
Girl posing in park
girl walking in front of a mural
girl walking in front of a mural
girl walking in front of a mural
girl walking in front of a mural

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