engaged couple in a park

Spring Engagement | San Joaquin River Wildwood Park

Last year I ran a giveaway for a free engagement session and Erica and Pablo’s submission was selected!

Erica is a strong woman! She survived a brain tumor at 17!! She and Pablo met 12 years ago through her sister and his cousin, who were dating at the time. Erica said she was fortunate to have been introduced to him because, at the time, she wasn’t in a very good place. Pablo was a Godsend. One date turned into two and now they share 12 years and 2 kids!!

The proposal happened on their dating anniversary, which is on Christmas Eve of 2018, but it isn’t how you would think! The were each going to propose to each other but they didn’t know it! The kids were off to bed and Pablo wanted Erica to open her anniversary gift first. The “gift” was in a shoe box and she thought “What kind of gift is this?” He had put heavy things inside to throw her off. Inside was a beautiful little blue box! Her answer was “FINALLY!” But, little did he know that her gift to him was a proposal ring as well!!! 

We spent an evening together at San Joaquin River Conservancy – Wildwood Park….one of my favorite locations! The light was amazing, the temperature was perfect, and this girl brought a dress that looked as though it had been made for the gorgeous spot we found! Pablo was a little hesitant about having his picture taken, but boy did he nail it!

I am so happy that these two were brought together. It is clear to see their love…and they have fun together…which is so important!

They will be joining together in marriage in November at the beautiful Wonder Valley Ranch

Please scroll through my FAVORITE images from their session…

engaged couple by creek
engaged couple by creek
wedding ring
engaged couple in park
engaged couple by tree
engaged couple by tree
engaged couple on log
Power couple…
engaged couple in field
engagement couple on bridge
engagement couple at park

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  1. Erica Camargo says:

    Such a fun time with you as well, thank you for making us feel comfortable and confident in taking these pictures. It was so great working with someone that heard our requests and worked with us. Thank you for being uplifting and patient with us, we’re truly grateful. ❤️

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