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Hello! Welcome to my blog! Here you can see highlights of my latest work, pro-tips, and some personal stuff too!






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Getting dressed on your wedding day doesn’t seem worthy of a blog post, but let me tell you, it does! No one tells you how complicated getting dressed can be or how much time it can take!

Today’s vendor highlight is Beauty in the Details, owned by Susie Arkelian. Susie is one of the kindest and thoughtful people I know. Her positive energy radiates from her and you can’t help but feel happy when she’s around.

For this Wedding Wednesday Pro Tip, I want to shift the focus a bit and speak to the GROOM! Most wedding planning is geared towards the bride, but the groom deserves some attention too, and this tip is for him.

Meet Miley and Jennie, The Snack Bar team. Miley is an adorable traveling bar fully stocked for any event. Jennie is the mix master behind the bar (she’s adorable too)!

Choosing your wedding colors is a lot like putting an outfit together. When you put an outfit together you don’t match everything perfectly. If you did you’d be monochromatic! Instead, you coordinate your outfit, which gives it a more styled look. Either you put complimentary colors together or or you mix and match patterns, like stripes and dots.

Kings River Winery is one of my favorite wedding venues. Surrounded by lush vineyards and gardens, Kings River Winery offers a wide variety of options for your wedding celebration.

In another post I explained why engagement sessions are so important. You can read it here. This blog will explain why I only offer exclusive engagement sessions to Stargazer couples.

Meet DJ Toe-Knee, one of Fresno’s top wedding DJ’s!! In my opinion, the three most important vendors at any wedding are the organized coordinator, a skillful photographer, and an amazing DJ!

You might not know this, but engagement sessions were very different than they are today. It used to be that an engaged couple would go to a studio to have just a few formal portraits taken, then they would select one to announce their engagement in the newspaper.

So your best friend asked you to be his best man but you don’t have a clue what that means? Worry not! Here is a list of common best man duties!