Today’s Friday Five is all about the 5 things brides forget on their wedding day! With so much to plan and prepare for, it’s super easy to miss the little things that can have a big impact. This is your reminder.

1. Bouquets need to be delivered to YOU, not your church or venue.
This is easy to overlook and it’s totally fine if it happens! However, if you can remember to have your bouquets delivered to where you are getting ready, you’ll be able to have detail shots with your florals! I will be shooting your rings on your bouquet and even if you’re not sharing a first look, I still need your bouquets for portraits with your bridesmaids. The same applies to the bouts! My second shooter will need the bouts for portraits with the guys as well as for groom detail photos.

2. Don’t give the wedding bands to the best man! You’ll need ALL three for detail pictures.
I know, every planning book says to give the best man the rings to hold onto before the ceremony, but that actually isn’t ideal for your pictures! Bring all of the rings with you to your getting ready location. We will make sure the best man has them for the ceremony once we are done photographing them.


3. Try sitting down in your dress before the wedding so that you’re aware of how hard that may be if your dress is tight!
This is one piece of advice I always give to my brides! When you try on your dress for the first time you are standing. You are standing for your fitting. There really isn’t an opportunity for you to see how your dress feels when you’re sitting down unless you make one! You need to make sure that you can BREATHE and that you’re comfortable when you’re sitting. Try sitting in your dress before the wedding to make sure it’s possible! This is especially important if you’re having a sit down dinner!


4. If you want natural portraits, your heels are going to sink in the grass! Get heel stoppers!
I shoot a lot of portraits in fields or under gorgeous trees. Sometimes brides forget that their heels are going to SINK on their walk out to the their portrait location. I recommend having a spare pair of flats or some heel stoppers to save the day!

5. You can’t see little imperfections in photos!
Brides, if you don’t remember any of these tips…. remember this one! Tiny imperfections or dirt won’t show up in your portraits. If you get a little dirt on your dress during portraits it’s ok. I totally understand that you want to look perfect going down the aisle! However, if something does happen and you have a little imperfection, don’t stress! So many brides go down the aisle with a little spot here or there and I guarantee you can’t see them! Don’t let it stress you out. It’s ALL good! You’re going to look amazing!!!!

And here’s a little extra tip! ENJOY your day and stop every now and then to take in what’s happening! You’ll remember so much more of it if you STOP and enjoy specific moments throughout the celebration!!

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