5 ways to simplify your wedding

5 Ways to Simplify Your Wedding | Wedding Wednesday – Pro Tip

A lot goes on during a wedding day. It can feel chaotic if you aren’t prepared, or have a coordinator that oversees things for you. As you plan out your dream wedding, talk to your photographer. If they are professional, they will have some tips and tricks to help streamline your day while getting all the photos you’ve been dreaming of.

Here are 5 Ways to Simplify Your Wedding:

  1. Ask your florist to provide extra florals for flat lays:

These extra blooms will make photographing all your lovely details easier and will make them pop! Ask your florist to deliver them with your bouquet to the location where you’re getting ready, so your photographer can access them.

5 ways to simplify your wedding

2. See your fiance before the ceremony:

A first look will not only calm your nerves, it will provide you more time to spend with the love of your life. Plus, you’ll get 40% more portraits! You can read more about a first look here.

5 ways to simplify your wedding

3. Give yourself 15 minutes:

Whether in the morning as you get ready or before the ceremony, give yourself 15 minutes to soak it all in. Reflect on your relationship, your reasons for marrying your person, or write your future spouse a love note. Savor those quiet moments because the rest of the day will go by quickly!

5 ways to simplify your wedding

4. Groom’s Details are just as Important:

The groom’s details are just as important as yours! They all tell your story. Be sure to have your groom designate a place for all his details so your photographer can find them quickly and won’t need to bother him to ask for things. Some details he’ll need to have ready include cufflinks, a watch, a handkerchief, his tie, specialty socks, custom barware, cologne, shoes, and anything else meaningful to him.

5 ways to simplify your wedding

5. Forgo the Party Favors:

Favors can be budget busters, and they are the one thing often left behind after a wedding. That means the bride and groom have a bunch of extra favors. Put that money towards more important things like your food, drinks, or tipping your vendors!

5 ways to simplify your wedding

Bonus Tip:

*Have an Extra Pair of Shoes:

Be sure to bring an extra pair of shoes for the reception. I’ve seen brides with big, fuzzy slippers, tennis shoes, or flip flops! No one will see what you have on your feet, and you’ll be able to dance the night away in comfort!

5 ways to simplify your wedding

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