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Hello! Welcome to my blog! Here you can see highlights of my latest work, pro-tips, and some personal stuff too!

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Your invitation ins’t just a piece of paper with information printed on it. It is the title page of your story and should reflect who you are as a couple. When your guests receive your wedding invitation in the mail they should be able to envision what your wedding day will be like and get them excited for your wedding!

Your wedding dress will likely be the most expensive item you purchase for your wedding day, and you will only wear it once. Choosing the right wedding dress can be a very overwhelming task. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and your friends, sister, and your mom, all have opinions about which one is right for you.

My Approach to Posing | Fresno Photographer My approach to posing is the number one thing I get compliments on from my clients. If you ask them what they remember most from their session I can guarantee they would say I gave them great posing directions, and they never wondered what to do. I have […]

A perfectly captured wedding photo contains glamour, class, beauty, and is of course a stunning feature. But what if that same glamorous, classy, beautifully stunning picture could move, showing a sequence of events, sounds, reactions, emotions and details that a single photo could not provide? A wedding video captures all the details that a wedding photo […]

HOW YOUR WEDDING PARTY CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR TIMELINE | Pro-Tip Series There are many factors that can have a big impact on the wedding day timeline. Your hair stylist or makeup artist may take longer than planned. Maybe getting into your gown takes more time than you prepared for. It can be so […]

This blog is a list of 5 things that professional photographers want you to know. These 5 things can really make their job easier and your wedding portraits will be more beautiful as a result!

Today I’m sharing my opinion about the VEIL and when I think it’s best to actually WEAR it! You may be thinking “Doesn’t the bride wear the veil ALL DAY on her wedding day?”! The answer to that is actually no! Most brides don’t wear their veils the ENTIRE day because they are a PAIN to maneuver! They usually only stay in as long as they absolutely HAVE to, unless it is a birdcage style veil that is very small and light weight!

We live by the Golden Rule…treat others the way you want to be treated. We give our clients an experience they will not forget, exactly the way we would want. This is why working with US is a unique and special experience.

This post is all about giving my current and future SPV BRIDES some great tips and inspiration as they prepare for their engagement session outfits! I’ll also be sharing an additional tip never shared before!!

Today’s Pro-Tips comes with some advice about WHY shooting CLEAN reception shots is REALLY important from a photography standpoint.













Stargazer Photography is a California wedding photography company based in Fresno serving weddings in Fresno, Paso Robles, Sacramento, Modesto, Bakersfield, Lake Tahoe, and beyond. They would love to talk about options for wedding photography in California, Nevada, or anywhere couples want to go and have 5 star reviews as wedding photographers in Fresno, California. Their style of wedding photography is joyful and timeless portraits that showcase true to life, romantic images that are also bright, flattering, epic, fun, and authentic.

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