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Hello! Welcome to my blog! Here you can see highlights of my latest work, pro-tips, and some personal stuff too!






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Rachel and Erik’s Darling Hotel engagement was so much fun! I LOVE this hotel. It is a perfect throwback to the 1930’s with its art deco design, and it is the perfect place for a little retro vibe session

Alex and Austin’s Noriega House wedding was straight out of a fairytale! Surrounded by their close friends and family, they reflected on the past 6 years celebrating the highs and helping each other through the lows.

Austin and Alex’s Tesoro Viejo engagement session was a lot of fun! These two have been together for a long time and it shows in their banter and the perfect ease they have with each other.

Buckle up for another Moravia Winery wedding! This one is extra special because these two are near and dear to my heart. Mariah is my daughter Lauren’s best friend. She’s like a second daughter to me and Dylan fits right in with the family!

It is finally time to share Bee and Cj’s wedding at Moravia Wines! Their wedding was bursting with shades of my favorite color. It was a dream! The day was a warm 96 degree OCTOBER day, but it was still absolutely wonderful.

We have been shooting back to back weddings for four weeks now, with three more to go, but this one is unique! Amanda and Lee both love the beach, especially the Santa Barbara area, so there was no question where their wedding would take place. After looking at a few beach-front venues they decided the historic Mar Monte Hotel was the perfect place for their wedding day.

Keeley and Jesse’s Moravia Wines wedding started off with a good dose of rain. We were all in shock because it never rains in October! As I drove to the venue, I worried Keeley might be stressed about the rain and what it would do to her portraits. I called her to assure her that, no matter what, we would make it work. She was surprisingly calm and just rolled with it.

I am SO excited to share Mao and Jimmy’s Holland Park West wedding with you! I met Mao and Jimmy at the International Wedding Festival at the Double Tree Hotel in Fresno. They stopped by my booth to chat and there was an instant connection. They contacted me soon after and were excitedly ready to book me for their wedding.

Lupe and William’s Harlan Ranch engagement was a bit of a challenge but oh so gorgeous! We experienced abnormal spring weather with high winds and lower than normal temps. Lupe was shivering through the entire session but was such a trooper and pushed through it.

I am so excited to share Mao and Jimmy’s Homer Ranch engagement session! It was SO beautiful up there. We met in April, after an exceptionally rainy season. We were blessed with the greenest hills full of wildflowers and the river was full of water. This was my first time photographing at Homer Ranch and it is for sure going to be a go-to location for me.