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Why You Need Senior Portraits | Pro-tip Series

You may wonder why you need senior portraits. Well, there are several reasons. Senior portraits are about celebrating a life stage. Your entire senior year is filled with milestones, and it is definitely one worth noting and celebrating in many ways, including senior portraits. It’s not only your last year of high school, but so much more. It’s your last year with the friends you grew up with, your last year at home, and your last year of truly being under your parents wings.

Capturing Who You Are Right Now

Your senior year is about being on the cusp of something great – Your futures, and you will never see the world the way you do right now. Documenting that with professional photography is one way of ensuring that you never forget who you are, RIGHT now.  

why you need senior portraits girl posing by tree
Teneil’s session was at San Joaquin River Parkway – Fresno, CA

Not Just For Girls

While many associate senior portraits with girls, they appeal to boys too! These images represent the shift from boy to man. It is something to show your children and grandchildren. Youthfulness is something to cherish. Think of your portraits as a preservations of history – a time capsule of this part of your life.

why you need senior portraits boy posing on log
Zak’s session was at San Joaquin River – Wildwood Park, Fresno, CA
boy posing by tree
Phillip’s session was in Woodward Park, Fresno, Ca

Capturing a Milestone

Your senior pictures will be far more important to you when you are sharing them with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Imagine your great-grandchildren thumbing through your senior photos and commenting on how handsome or beautiful you looked. Images from this milestone will provide a connection between you and your future generations. Imagine the stories that these images will invoke!

girl at ocean
Sahian’s session was in Morro Bay, Ca
why you need senior portraits girl throwing paper
Shelby’s session was in a small neighborhood park in Clovis, CA
girl posing by vines
Shelby B’s session was in downtown Clovis, CA

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