As part of the Stargazer Wedding Experience I provide for my brides, I find immense joy in assisting them with planning their special day. Today, I’m excited to share my insights regarding a common question: when to wear your veil. You might assume that the bride wears her veil throughout the entire day, but that is not the case! Typically, veils are worn only for the essential moments, with the exception of birdcage style veils, which are lightweight and easy to manage. Keep reading for my tips on when to wear your veil.


If you are sharing a first look I recommend not wearing the veil and saving it for the ceremony! Here are a few reasons why:

  • The groom hasn’t seen you with it yet and will make you look EXTRA bridal when you are coming down the aisle! If your groom gets overly excited seeing you at the first look he may hug you tightly and pull the veil out.
  • It will give you more portrait time after the ceremony so we can grab some veil shots we didn’t get earlier.
  • It keeps the veil from being wrinkled or damaged in any way before the ceremony!
  • It allows me to have something new and fun to be creative with during sunset portraits!! Veils photograph best in sunset light more than they do in the middle of the day! They can tend to be way overexposed because of the abundance of sunlight and ambient light during the first look! 


By opting to save your veil for the ceremony you achieve two different “looks” on your wedding day. You’ll have some portraits without and and some with it. If you take it off for the reception, be sure to take it with you for sunset portraits!

See examples below!

If you’re debating on what to do with your veil, just know that this is really a very small part of the planning process, and even though it does impact the outcome of the photography on your wedding day, it’s not a deal breaker!

If you want to wear that expensive veil all day to get your money’s worth then you go right ahead! It’s your day and you can do whatever you want!!

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