Wedding at the Grove – Megan & Nic | A Hobbs Grove Wedding

I am so excited to share this wedding at the Grove with you because it is so special. Megan grew up across the street from us. My daughter is in-between Megan and her sister Ashley in age. She became their third daughter and attended church, Awana, youth group, family vacations, and so much more with them. So, being her photographer on her wedding day was a joy for me. It was a full-circle moment.

Megan and Nic met at Fresno Pacific University. They are the perfect fit for each other. During the engagement session and their wedding day, you could see that God created these two for each other. The way he makes her laugh and the way she looks at him is incredible. I couldn’t be happier that Megan found her perfect match.

The wedding took place at Hobbs Grove. Despite the forecast for rain that day, it was a beautiful event. When fearing there may be rain, Meg’s parents began looking for tents to rent. Fortunately, they were able to find someone that could accommodate their needs, even though they ended up not needing them. The weather was beautiful!

When I arrived, Megan and the girls were getting their hair and makeup done. I grabbed all of her details and got to work on the beginning elements of their wedding story.

When details were finished, it was time to get Megan into her dress and take some shots with her mom, sister, and bridesmaids. Since Megan’s dress was so simple, it didn’t take much to get her ready to meet her groom!


Once Megan was dressed and ready, it was time to meet her groom for their first look and private vows. This is always my favorite part of the day. Getting to capture these tender moments between just the two two of them is an honor. I always get teary during the first look. After first look we moved on to bride and groom portraits and then the wedding party joined us.

Megan was a vision in her simple yet elegant bridal gown. Paired with Nic in his classic black suit, these two made for some stunning portraits.


It wasn’t in the plans, but became necessary to have a daddy/daughter first look before Meg went into hiding. This is the moment I lost it. I had to have Patrick, my second shooter, capture her dad’s reaction because I started crying before we even started shooting and I knew I wouldn’t get through it if I focused on him.

Whew, now that we made it through that, it was time for the ceremony! Meg and Nic were married by Megan’s former youth pastor, Roy, who also baptized my daughter when she was 14. This was another emotional moment during the day for me as Roy has played such an influential role in both Megan and Lauren’s lives.

They’re married!!! Now it’s time for some family portraits and just married sunset portraits. Then it’s on to the fun!!

It’s time for the reception!! Megan and Nic were welcomed into their reception by all their guests and it was on from there. An epic dance party capped off the day! Everyone had a great time showing off their dance moves, belting out T-Swift songs, and forming the longest conga line I’ve ever seen. This wedding was the most fun reception I’ve photographed. You’ll see why at the end.

Meg and Nic’s wedding was a contribution of many friends and family. Meg’s aunt, Sarah, designed the floral arrangements. Megan’s aunt Crystal’s mother made the cake and desserts. Long-time family friend Holly coordinated the day. And Holly’s sister Jenna styled everyone’s hair. These personal touches made their wedding day even more special. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into their perfect day!

Thank you, Megan and Nic, for letting us be a part of your special day!! We loved every bit of it!!!

  1. Loretta Urrizola says:

    Beautiful photos.
    And yes, Megan & Nicolas are made for each other.
    So happy for the two of them & their families.
    They both come from such loving & caring families.
    They are both such kind, caring & loving individuals.
    Wishing them love & happiness forever.
    Love forever.

  2. Marla Rainwater says:

    Megan’s dress was so elegant. Jenny doesn’t look old enough to be Mother of the bride! As always, Carianne, your photos are beautiful and capture the occasion!

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