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Today’s Friday Five shares a few of my favorite things. They are random and it was admittedly hard to find five favorite products. I’m not a savvy consumer. I don’t shop for things unless I need them. I don’t follow trends or keep up with fashion. You’re dealing with a very simple girl here. But, there are a few things I have found recently that I love. Here is my random list of a few of my favorite things…


This is going to crush my friend Kim’s heart if she reads this, but I seriously LOVE this skincare line. While shopping with my best friend we were talking about aging and skincare. She drug me into Sephora and told them I needed help. Thanks BFF, I didn’t realize I was such a hot mess!

They directed me to the sweetest woman who was SO knowledgeable about Sunday Riley. She grabbed my wrist and rapidly began applying product on the back of hand while spewing off facts about each one like Eminem in a rap battle! Before I knew it, she was my new BFF and I was walking away with an entire starter kit!

I purchased the Go to Bed with Me kit took it home and began my new routine that night. Let me digress a moment…this is why we have a BFF…to tell us the truth about ourselves, amiright? I can always count on my girl to keep it real with me. I had no idea how badly my skin needed something, but she did.

After one night of using these products, I already saw a difference. It was so significant I ordered the Wake Up with Me kit. My skin has never felt better. The fragrance is natural, the products are light, and blend in so completely. You only need the tiniest amount! I bought the Go to Bed with Me at the beginning of December 2022. It is now February and I am still using the products from that kit. It lasts a LONG time!!


these are a few of my favorite things

This product may seem like a really simple thing to have on my list of favorite things, but you have no idea how hard it has been to find a shampoo and conditioner I like. Most of the products I have used caused me to lose hair by the handful or it ratted my hair. The number of shampoo and conditioner products I have tried is endless.

My friend Joanna shared with her followers what she was using on her hair. She has beautiful hair, so I thought I’d give it a try. One of the best hair products I have used! I don’t have a lot to say about it like I did my Sunday Riley products. It just gets the job done and leaves my hair silky and nourished.


Did you catch what I said earlier about not following trends? Well, in this case, I did. I saw this cookware again and again on social media and it finally got the best of me. I ordered both the skillet and the pot and I’m about to buy one more of each they are SO GOOD! The always pans are sturdy, the non-stick is better than anything I’ve ever seen, and I LOVE that they can go from stovetop to oven. If you’ve seen these on social media too, you’ve got to believe the hype on these. They are the best thing I’ve cooked with in forever.

MAGNOLIA SALT CANDLE (and room spray)

these are a few of my favorite things

First of all, I just realized I said it was hard to find five products I love, but what I failed to remember is I love EVERYTHING Hearth and Home or Magnolia brand. I haven’t found one thing Joanna is behind that I don’t want. But, the one thing I have purchased that I go back for again and again is their Salt candle. I have the room spray too! This scent is something I can’t describe. It isn’t floral-y or sweet. It isn’t spicy or musky…it’s natural, clean, and literally just has the most inviting scent. I want my entire house to smell like this all the time.


these are a few of my favorite things

This is on my list of a few of my favorite things because I LOVE me some popcorn, but I don’t love all the fake butter and icky stuff that is found in most popcorns. Skinny Pop is a guilt free snack I keep on hand at home. The only problem is, I found my son loves it too and he keeps eating my stash! If you haven’t tried Skinny Pop, you need to get you some and see how light and airy it is! So yummy!

LEGO VIDEO GAMES (my guilty pleasure)

Does this one surprise you? So random, right? When my son was little we used to get him Lego video games to play and sometimes he would ask me to join him. It did not take me long to get addicted to these games, and it was a great way to bond with my son! If you have ever played a Lego game, you know how fun it is running around breaking everything in sight! I also love the challenge of finding all the hidden gems, completing the challenges, and the adventurer in me loves just exploring all the free roam locations. It is so much fun!

I have played Jurassic Park, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and all the Star Wars games. My husband just bought me the Skywalker saga which I am still getting through.

Of the Lego games, my favorite have been Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. There is so much to explore in the cities and wilderness. I feel like I’m traveling without leaving my living room!

Well, there you have it! A few of my favorite things! Do we have anything in common? Do you have a favorite thing I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

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