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The Snack Bar | Vendor Highlight | Monday Minute

Meet Miley and Jennie, The Snack Bar team. Miley is an adorable traveling bar fully stocked for any event. Jennie is the mix master behind the bar (she’s adorable too)!

How It Started

Jennie started her business at the beginning of the pandemic. She wanted to do something she would enjoy. While talking with her husband, trying to figure out what they could do, Jennie mentioned bartending as a joke. While explaining how she liked to mix drinks and that she’s such a people person (Jennie can talk to anyone as if they’ve known each other for years), she realized it could work!

The Name

The Snack Bar name came from an idea they had. Since her husband coaches, they thought having a snack bar at the events was a good idea. The name had to be kid-friendly but could also be used for adult events too. She designed her logo to emphasize this concept. The horseshoe (tying in Miley) serves as a background. “The Snack” was written small. “BAR” was with larger font. Jennie thought it was a genius idea!! So, This is how Miley became “The Snack Bar, Where Sip Happens.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennie and Miley at a few events. When Miley is around, everyone gets excited. Not just for what she brings but because she is a vibe, and people love it! Jennie’s craft at mixing drinks keeps all the guests happy and having fun.

Personalized Experience

Jennie customizes Miley to match the decor of whatever event she is servicing. She will work with her clients to determine their theme or color scheme before the event, then Miley gets dressed up!

Keep reading to learn more about The Snack Bar from my interview with Jennie.

The Snack Bar

How long have you been bartending?

I had never Bartended before I started by business. However, I have always been good at mixing drinks for friends and family. I learned a lot throughout 2021, and 2022 was my first full year of Bartending. I believe it’s going well!!

What is your favorite event to service?

My favorite event to service hands down is Weddings. It’s absolutely beautiful how so many people come together for 2 loving people. I feel like I can be more creative with the way I decorate and setup my area.

The Snack Bar

Describe the service you provide

We offer outstanding Bartender Service as well as Bar Rentals that can be added on to enhance your special occasion. Not only do we take care of the beverages, we engage with your guests to ensure they have the best experience. When you hire us you can enjoy your special day with one less thing to worry about.

What is the the best part of bartending a wedding?

I love the excitement and love everyone has for 2 people. I love hearing stories about the couple. I love the Father Daughter dance, I always get so emotional because I love my Dad so much. I love how excited people are to see me and I love that they love me by the end of the night.

Weddings are magical and I love the bonds that are created between the couples and I.

Can you be hired without Miley?

Absolutely, Miley is a Bar Rental Add-on. I also have 2 other Bar Rentals available. They are standing Bars.

I am available without Bar Rental. A lot of Venues have Bar areas, so I show up with everything needed to get the celebration started.

How do you handle a guest who has had too much to drink but keeps coming back for more?

On the contract I send out, I have the couple sign my “Refusal of Serving Alcohol” it states that I am legally required to refuse service to anyone that has had too much to drink.

When I see guests drinking a lot I offer them water. I will ask them to drink water before I serve them another drink. Most of the time I will make them a drink without alcohol and they don’t even notice! They just tell me how amazing it is.

Jennie, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! If she sounds like like the bartender you need in your life, follow her work below!

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