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Senior girl posing with flower

Teneil | McLane High School

This session was so special. This girl is so dear to my heart. Teneil was one of my students when she was in the 4th grade, and again in 5th grade when I changed grade levels the following year. We were very close back then and I am so blessed that we have kept close over the years.

Teneil is not only beautiful inside and out she is brilliant! She has always excelled academically her entire school career. She skipped her Junior year!

When she starts her college path she plans to either major in speech therapy or physical therapy. She has known since she was young that she wanted to do something that would help others with needs.

An interesting fact about Teneil and her family. They live directly across the street from the very first house I owned over 20 years ago. My direct neighbors still live there and Teneil and her family know them very well. It was so fun making this connection and learning that the people I used to live next door to are still there and now Teneil and her family get to enjoy them.

Teneil chose to have her portraits taken at the San Joaquin River Parkway, a client favorite. From the rustic barn to the lush landscape, and trails, This location is versatile and offers a variety of scenery.

Teneil’s best friend came along so they could take a few photos together in their cap and gown. Of course I said yes! I couldn’t let her feel left out so I took a few portraits of her as well!

Have fun scrolling through my favorite images from this session. We were in a beautiful location, one of my favorites, and the light was a photographer’s dream!!!

Dream BIG Teneil!!!

Senior girls posing on bench
Senior girl in cap and gown
Senior girls in cap and gown
Senior girls in cap and gown
Senior girl in cap and gown
Senior girl in rose garden
Senior girl in rose garden
Senior girl in rose garden
Senior girl in rose garden
Senior girls pose in front of barn
Senior girl posing near tree
Senior girl posing by fence
Senior girl in cap and gown

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