Punjabi Wedding | Fresno, CA

My first wedding of 2023 was a good one!! I am SO excited to share this Punjabi wedding with you!! It is gorgeous and full of love and tradition. Meet Ranbir and Amandeep! Ranbir is a loyal client and friend. Don’t let her beauty fool you , she is a badass retired Army First Class sergeant!! Amandeep is long haul truck driver.

Six years ago Ranbir contacted me about doing photos of her with her son, who was a year old at the time. When we met for the first time at the session location, I was immediately drawn to her. Ranbir is kind and has the biggest heart and the love she has for her son exudes from her. He is her world.

In the last six years, I have had the privilege of capturing multiple sessions for Ranbir, as well as her sister and cousin! They aren’t clients anymore, they are friends and I am so blessed to know them and be a part of their lives!

When Ranbir called me to tell me she was getting married I was in shock! I had no idea she had been dating someone so seriously!

I was thrilled when she asked me to be her photographer. She said there was no one else she could have be there for her wedding day. What an honor it was!

As usual, Ranbir was stunning, and Amandeep was so handsome in his coordinating wedding clothes. They chose to have a very small, traditional Punjabi ceremony in the temple and it was beautiful. Amandeep was so proud to take Ranbir as his wife. She was beaming excitement the whole day, thrilled she had found her happily ever after.

I can’t wait for you to see all the gorgeous images.

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