My work is focused mostly on portrait photography but that isn’t all I enjoy photographing. I love to play around in landscape photography and taking artistic approaches to things I find in nature. This blog post is about taking my work beyond portrait photography.

When we travel, and set out to explore places, I always try to look at things from a different perspective than I normally would. I try to take a picture that articulates what I was seeing. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get my camera to “see” what I see.

Here is a collection of images I have taken on our many adventures. Things that just interested me, intrigued me, or I felt drawn to, or they represent the things I love. There is nothing perfect about these or even that fantastic of a shot, probably, but they were fun to take and it gives me an opportunity to be creative in a different way.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my collection.

macro flower

This image was taken in my own backyard when I got my first macro lens. I found a total love for macro photography after getting that lens. I LOVE the way the focus pops off the background and the background is so blurry and subtle.

fallen tree

While shooting a family session I noticed the base of this fallen down tree had a heart at the end of it. Little things like this bring me joy.

heart hole in tree trunk
old barn

Todd and I took a drive up to Wonder Valley Ranch just for fun and we came across this old abandoned barn. I just loved it!

large spider web

While on a hike at the coast we came across this huge spider web. A little too much time was spent trying to capture it so it could be seen on camera.

I LOVE the California missions. It is my goal to visit all 21 of them. They are just beautiful to me.

sand dunes

While hiking around Cambria I loved the formation of the sand and the lines. The following images are random things I shot while on our walk

crow at beach
white crane
red house

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