getting dressed on your wedding day

Getting Dressed on Your Wedding Day | Wedding Wednesday

Getting dressed on your wedding day doesn’t seem worthy of a blog post, but let me tell you, it is! No one tells you how complicated getting dressed can be or how much time it can take!

When you first try on your wedding gown in a dress shop, an attendant helps you into the dress, and more than likely, you’re not fastening it the way you will on your wedding day. The next time you try on your dress will be for your fitting. Again, someone who works at the dress shop is assisting you and doing all the fastening. But what about on your wedding day? Who will help you get into your dress on your wedding day, and will they know how to fasten everything? Will they understand how the dress is supposed to bustle?

getting dressed on your wedding day

There are a lot of brides who have NEVER put on their dress outside of the dress shop!! A lot of dresses require much more than just a simple ZIP! These are the dresses that I’m referring to today in this post!

If you are a bride with a more complicated dress, please pay attention! This could save you a lot of stress on your big day!! Make time to try on your dress at home with whoever will be with you when you’re getting dressed on your wedding day. This way you can determine how long it takes to get into your gown and the person helping you can see how to fasten everything.

So often, brides are getting in their dress and no one knows how to lace up the back or how high the waist is supposed to be. It can cause panic when everyone realizes that the dress is off-center or not tight enough. Re-lacing the dress can easily throw off your schedule, and that can cause added stress you don’t need! When this happens with our brides, we tell them It’s totally fine. We can make up that time, and we always do! However, if I can save my future brides from that panicked feeling, I want to!!

My best advice is to plan a time to PRACTICE getting dressed on your wedding day!!! Try it on with your shoes to ensure the height is what you like. Try it with your undergarments to ensure it fits well and nothing shows. And last but not least, make sure the person helping you knows what they are doing!

Here are some bonus tips for getting dressed on your wedding day.


I always tell my brides is to let the dress rest the night before the wedding. Take your wedding dress out of the bag and let it breathe. Make sure it is in a safe spot away from children and pets! If it looks creased, run a hot shower and hang the dress in the steamy bathroom. This will soften the creases and smooth out wrinkles.


Give yourself at least 30 minutes to put your wedding dress on. It never takes this long, but make it special and take your time. Also, make sure the undergarments are neutral in color and smooth. You don’t want patterns or colors showing through your dress!


If your gown buttons up the back, use a crochet hook to pull the loops over the buttons. It will save time and fingers. Be sure to have a needle and thread on hand in case a button or some sequins pop off. Safety pins are a must in case the train doesn’t bustle correctly (those little loops of thread can be hard to find and sometimes break). Have a Tide pen in case makeup or dirt get on the dress while putting it on.

getting dressed on your wedding day

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