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Today’s Friday Five is about my five wedding day favorites! I love every part of a wedding day, but there are certain ones that ignite a spark in me. My five wedding day favorites are wedding details, mom helping her baby girl into her wedding gown, first look, parent dances, and party dancing. Let me break each one down and tell you why they are my favorite moments of a wedding day!


For most brides, a lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect dress and what shoes will match her it perfectly, what jewelry will compliment the details of her gown, which perfume will spark a memory of their wedding day every time he smells it, and which invitation suite will be the perfect title page to their wedding day story.

Taking time first thing on a wedding day to capture these details is so important to me. It is easy to remember the big details like the wedding dress, the venue, and the flowers, but the little details hold so much more meaning behind them. If they aren’t photographed, they may be forgotten. I don’t want my brides to forget a single part of their wedding day, so I carve out time to specifically photograph their carefully chosen details.

This is also an important time for me because it allows me to warm up and get ready for the rest of the day. It is the part of the day where I get into an artistic mindset and my creativity starts to flow. It makes the rest of the day’s photos go smoothly.


Watching the mother of the bride helping her daughter into her gown is one of my five wedding day favorites because it is so special. What I love is the look in mom’s eyes as she zips her daughters gown. I know she is remembering all the times she dressed her little girl. Seeing her grown up and ready to marry the love of her life has to be bittersweet.

Having a daughter of my own makes this part of the wedding day even more special to me. I think about the day when I’ll help her with her wedding dress and what that will be like for both of us.


The first look is my absolute favorite part of a wedding day! A lot of people have reservations about doing a first look, usually because it is not traditional, but there are many reasons why a first look is a MUST on your wedding day.

There is never going to be another time where you get to be alone together and soak it all in. The first look gives you a private moment alone, before all the guests arrive and the formalities begin, to celebrate what is about to happen. Witnessing the excitement and pure joy on my couple’s faces is why first looks are one of my five wedding favorites.


Right along with the mother-of-the-bride helping her daughter into her wedding dress is the parent dances. These dances have me teary-eyed every time. Many thoughts and feelings run through a parent’s mind during this time. Parent dances give me all the feels!


Joining my couples, and their guests, on the dance floor while capturing everyone having a good time, is one of my five wedding day favorites!! I love to dance, so when the beat drops and everyone hits the dance floor it is time to relax and have fun! It is the perfect way for me to wrap up an amazing day.

So there you have it! My five wedding day favorites! What are your favorite wedding day moments? Share with me in the comments!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Ceremony and sunset photos will always be a wedding favorite for me!

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