family portrait at Harlan Ranch

Fall Harlan Ranch Family Portraits

It’s another year and another chance to photograph one of my SPV Families again! This family opted for fall portraits in Harlan Ranch neighborhood, a BEAUTIFUL community with a variety of options for portraits, which is a popular choice for a lot of photographers.

I wanted to change things up for them so their images don’t look like everyone else’s. I love how they turned out! Enjoy your scroll through this classic family session!

The most important aspect of photography is light, and it is the first thing I look for when I arrive on location. Once I have find the best light I start looking for an area that has layers and texture. The final piece to creating my images is composition. I take a variety of horizontal, vertical, pulled-back, and close-up shots to add interest and variety.

These images were all taken in front of the garbage dumpster enclosure! Most people would never choose this as an ideal location but, when the light is right and it meets the requirements for layers and texture, it’s a WIN for me!

Couple posing at Harlan Ranch
Couple portrait at Harlan Ranch
Boys sitting on fountain at Harlan Ranch

These boys look cute and all, but you have no idea what it takes for their mama to get one shot like this! The one on the left is a high energy, wiggly, silly kiddo who can sit still for the length of one shot. You had better nail it the first time! The one on the right, let’s just say he is not a fan of photos. Getting a willing, natural smile out of him takes some work. Your trigger finger needs to be quick and accurate with these two, but it is so worth the effort when you get shots like this! 

Boys sitting on fountain at Harlan Ranch
Boy sitting on fountain at Harlan Ranch

We took a couple of impromptu shots with these two because getting a portrait with your mama is always necessary! They were upset that they didn’t coordinate better, but you know, in the years to come it will not matter! 

Harlan Ranch couple embracing in front of a fountain

Let’s talk about these two. They have known each other since 7th grade. He was her first love. Life happened and they went down different paths. They loved and lost their spouses and were reconnected. Now, they are getting a second chance at love.

Harlan Ranch couple embracing

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