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Exclusive Engagement Sessions | Wedding Wednesday

In another post I explained why engagement sessions are so important. You can read it here. This blog will explain why I only offer exclusive engagement sessions to Stargazer couples.

Did you know that the secret to GENUINE, natural images is your relationship with your photographer? It’s true, which is why I take time getting to know my clients well so, their wedding portraits are super relaxed and fun! It is during the engagement session that I get to know them best.

If I just showed up on a wedding day without knowing anything about the couple, I wouldn’t know their personalities, how they interact with each other, or what poses work best for them. Of course there are exceptions, like a destination wedding, where I don’t meet my couples until the wedding day, but those circumstances are rare.

I only offer exclusive engagement sessions to Stargazer couples except when a couple want to try me out and see how they like my work before booking with me. Here are the reasons why exclusive engagement sessions are preferred:


Dates for engagement sessions need to be available for my booked wedding clients. Stargazer brides take priority when it comes to the calendar. I want to save my availability for the couples who have invested in having me be a part of their special day.


By shooting engagement sessions for couples that haven’t booked me takes away a valuable session from another photographer. They need that time with their hired wedding photographer. The engagement session is their trial run! It’s their time to really get to know the photographer who will be capturing their wedding day, and that’s a vital part of the process! When I show up to weddings, I feel like I’m meeting a FRIEND. If a photographer misses out on that feeling because I photographed their couple’s engagement portraits, it’s just not fair. So, I ALWAYS encourage brides to connect with the wedding photographer they hired for their engagement portraits, if at all possible!


I think photographers all have a different look to their images. I LOVE that our engagement and wedding portraits on display in my house are the same style. Our images are consistent, and I love that!! I want my wedding couples to be exclusively mine. Not because I’m a jerk, but because I KNOW that will make for a much smoother experience overall, and I want the BEST for my couples!

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