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Many of my clients and followers have wondered about how I chose my business name. With so many photographers using their own names for their business, why Stargazer? Well, I played around with several different options and here is how I ended up choosing my business name.

I tried Carianne McElrath Photography and Video (It was tooooo long). McElrath Photography didn’t seem to capture who I am and you should hear how Siri and Alexa butcher my last name. I didn’t want clients to struggle trying to pronounce it. I knew we had to come up with something else, that didn’t involve my name.

After a lot of deliberating and scouring local photographer’s names, so as not to duplicate one that was already used, I began thinking about my favorite things. Things that I have a deep connection with. One of the first things on the list was my favorite flower, the Stargazer Lily!

You either love or hate this flower. It has an extremely strong, sweet smell. It can overpower a room, which is what I love about it. The pink color is so rich and vibrant, you can’t help but feel happy when they are in the room. Todd tries to bring these home once in awhile just because they make me feel so happy!

I started playing around with the idea of using Stargazer in the name. I wasn’t sure about it at first as it has nothing to do with photography, like other unique names. Names like “Capture You”, “Magic Moments”, and “Envision”, all elude to photography. Stargazer, not so much.

But then….I started thinking beyond the flower and looked at other meanings or interpretations of the word “Stargazer”. And this came to mind…

I’m a dreamer. I dream BIG. This whole business is a dream of mine and I am blessed to make it come true! I am a stargazer. I keep my eyes fixed on the sky above, at the vast mystery of possibilities that lie ahead of me. This is how I knew the name had to be Stargazer.

Stargazer is about dreams. It’s about stretching and growing myself beyond what I thought was possible. It’s proving to me, and my children, that anything is possible if you have a desire and are willing to work hard to achieve it.

Stargazer is about my clients and capturing their dreams becoming a reality. Marrying their best friend, b being pregnant, having their first baby, celebrating big anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and graduations…all dreams that came true…and I get to document them.

This is what Stargazer Photography is all about…dreams…coming true.

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