Brentwood Rise Wedding | Ashley + Chris

This Brentwood Rise wedding I’m about to share with you is so special!! Ashley and Chris are adorable and they love each other deeply and honestly. Their relationship is goals!

Ashley and I met in a Bible study group. It was a very tight knit group of women who shared the highs and lows of life with each other, supported and encouraged each other, and helped each other through tough times. Ashley and I connected and grew very close during our time in that group.

After the relationship that was supposed to be the one came to an end, Ashley became very focused and determined to find nothing less than the perfect person for her. Her standards were set high and she would settle for nothing but exactly what she deserved. She put her faith in God and a dating app…then Chris came along.

When Chris showed up for their first date he had Ashley’s favorite flowers in clutch, pink and purple tulips. From that date on, Chris has made it his mission to treat Ashley like a queen. He takes great care of her, loves her unconditionally, and works to be the best man he can be for her. He adores Ashley, and it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to her!

Ashley is thrilled that her patience and determination paid off. If you know Ashley, you know she is very much a dot your I’s and cross your T’s kind of person. Life for her is pretty black and white. There isn’t much room for anything in between.

During their first date, Ashley put all her cards on the table. She layed out exactly what she needed, what she was looking for, and what she would bring to the relationship. Now normally, a direct first-date conversation like this would turn most people away, but Chris was attracted to it. He loved that she was a confident women who knew what she wanted. He also knew he was exactly what she was looking for.
Chris and Ashley went on many adventures together while dating. They grew closer to each other and eventually fell in love. Chris proposed to Ashley in a beautiful garden setting where, after she said YES, her family emerged to congratulate them.

Once wedding planning began, they picked a date, February 12, 2022, but that day never happened. Due to COVID and wanting to be financially smart with their planning, they decided to push the date back to March 8, 2023, the anniversary of their first date.

Immediate family and close friends gathered at the Brentwood Rise wedding venue to celebrate Chris and Ashley’s marriage. What a wonderful day it was. Their vows to each other were completely from the heart. It was so heartwarming to witness that part of their day. Being there for and with Ashley and Chris on their wedding day will always be special to me.

Let’s get to the gorgeous photos, shall we? Chris always calls Ashley his beautiful, and boy was she on her wedding day! I can’t wait for you to see their wedding story.

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