A Moravia Winery Wedding | Mariah + Dylan

Buckle up for another Moravia Winery wedding! This one is extra special because these two are near and dear to my heart. Mariah is my daughter Lauren’s best friend. She’s like a second daughter to me and Dylan fits right in with the family!

Dylan and Lauren met while marching in the Bulldog Marching Band together. The more Lauren got to know Dylan the more she kept thinking he’d be a great match for Mariah. She finally got them to meet and the rest is history! Well, there is a whole story in between, but I won’t share that with you here. The cliff notes version is they tried to keep their relationship a secret from Lauren, but they failed miserably. Lauren was ecstatic when she found at they were dating!

This blog is going to be a long one because when your best friend’s mom is your photographer, you know you’re in good hands and will get a ton of pictures. Mariah and Dylan were troopers and let me take allll the pictures.

I wasn’t fully prepared for how emotional I would be photographing this wedding. As soon as Dylan saw Mariah at their first look I was tearing up. He was so emotional and it was just the sweetest thing. They exchanged personal vows during their first look. I saw Lauren watching from behind some trees, fighting back the tears and it got me. I couldn’t stop the tears.

I can’t wait to share this wedding with you. It is beautiful!

See their engagement session here.

Looking for a wedding photographer? Inquire here!

THANK YOU Mariah and Dylan!! Love you both!

  1. Val says:

    Oh. My. God.
    Thank you Carianne!

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