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This blog is a list of 5 things that photographers want you to know. These 5 things can really make their job easier and your wedding portraits will be more beautiful as a result! 

Camera Shy

I get it, being in front of the camera is not an easy thing! In all honesty, I hate being in front of the camera, it’s not natural! Todd and I recently had our own portraits taken and it was awkward, and I know a lot about posing!

You don’t need to be nervous or shy in front of the camera. Your photographer already knows you’re probably not a professional model, and they don’t expect you to pose or look like one on your own! It is your photographers job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. They know when and how to prompt you and how to pose you so that you look your best.

Also, The right photographer will take the time to get to know you so that you feel relaxed and trust them. Then you will feel at ease as they direct you and make you laugh and smile.

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It’s Not Just the Camera

I hear it all the time, “Your camera takes amazing pictures!” Unfortunately, it’s not just the camera. That’s like saying a meal was amazing because it was prepared with a great cutlery set. There is so much more to being a professional photographer than owning a nice camera but, more on that in another blog. In short, it is about education, experience, expertise and then equipment.

A pro can shoot on pretty much anything. I have seen photographers shoot stunning, fine art images on an entry level camera with a kit lens. The reason their images are stunning is they know about light. They know exactly how to adjust the settings in their camera to capture the light and expose their image just how they want it.

Pros also have knowledge of composition and posing. These two elements can make or break a photo. When an image truly captures your eye and holds your attention, it’s usually because it has good composition and the people are posed in a flattering way.

It’s all of these skills combined that make a great image and makes professional photography more than just a nice camera. Read about the cost of professional photography here.

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RAW Images Are Just That…RA

We will never EVER give our RAW photos away. It’s like going to a restaurant and asking the chef for the ingredients and making the meal yourself. You would NEVER do that! The reason you go out to dinner is so someone else can you their craft and skill to serve you an amazing meal and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it! Photography is the same way. You hire a professional to use their craft and skill to perfect the images and make them a fine piece of art.

Pinterest for Inspo Only

Pinterest is great for inspiration, but please don’t ask us to copy it 100%. Make your wedding portraits your own!

When you send Pinterest photos that inspire you or the types of photos you are hoping to capture, we only use it for inspiration and as a way to understand your vision for your images. Please don’t ask us to copy it 100%. We can’t copy another artists work. That’s like painting a copy of Van Gogh!

This also applies to your wedding and wedding planning! The photos you see may be from a wedding that cost upwards of $100K…if not a million dollar wedding!! Leave it as inspiration and don’t get into a comparison game! Rest assured, my job is to make your wedding look beautiful and as elegant as possible – even if you are planning a budget wedding in your parent’s backyard!

Unplug the Ceremony

You can’t believe how much it makes our day when couples decide to have an unplugged ceremony!! Simply speaking, it keeps people from pulling out their iPad Pro (which is HUGE), iPhones or cameras and sticking them into the aisle – possibly blocking the main photographer from a beautiful moment or shot! Also, wouldn’t you rather your guests be present and engaged rather than trying to capture that Facebook worthy shot?

You could tell everyone ahead of time, whether it be a sign or an announcement once everyone is seated before the ceremony begins. Not all will follow the rules but most will! Simply ask for your guests to “enjoy the ceremony to the fullest by putting away all electronics and silencing your cell phones. Maybe you might consider sharing a “photos will be shared” sign because I think people may feel they’ll never see the photos!

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