Harlan Ranch Engagement

Harlan Ranch Engagement | Lupe and William

Lupe and William’s Harlan Ranch engagement was a bit of a challenge but oh so gorgeous! We experienced abnormal spring weather with high winds and lower than normal temps. Lupe was shivering through the entire session but was such a trooper and pushed through it.

There is a bit of history with Lupe and me. Years ago her daughter was a student in my class. We formed a special bond over a traumatic event that happened to her. I have never forgotten her.

In January I had a booth set up at a local bridal show. As people came in and out one girl stopped right in front of me and asked if I was Mrs. Webb. I knew she was someone from my past as I have gotten remarried and no longer went by that name. I said I used to be with which she replied, I was one of your students. I asked for her name and when she told me the world stopped. I knew exactly who she was.

I reached out and held her for the longest time as tears welled up in my eyes. Her Lupe looked over at us and knew instantly who I was was and we all stood there in excited shock. Nothing else mattered in that moment but the memory of what we experienced together many years ago and finding each other again in the most unexpected way.

It sounds so cliche to say that I was thrilled to be able to take these portraits for Lupe, but it is so true! It was a full circle moment. Knowing that she found a man who treated her and her family well made me so happy. William genuinely loves Lupe and you could tell that his purpose is to give her the best life has to offer. He was gentle and sweet and she deserves nothing less.

Despite how cold and windy it was during this session, Harlan Ranch did not disappoint. I am excited to share with you my favorite images from Lupe and William’s Harlan Ranch engagement session. Enjoy!

Harlan Ranch Engagement
Harlan Ranch Engagement
Harlan Ranch Engagement
Harlan Ranch Engagement
Harlan Ranch Engagement
Harlan Ranch Engagement
Harlan Ranch Engagement
Harlan Ranch Engagement
Harlan Ranch Engagement
Harlan Ranch Engagement

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